French Community in Mendoza City

French & an amalgam of other cultures in Argentina; a fun way to learn languages and get to know global friends.

Wanna try something new and oozing with culture in Argentina? Then why not head on over to Mendoza City and try joining in La Parlote “The Talk”?

Mendoza is the province’s capital city of the same name in the central north of Argentina. Though it is mostly heralded as the wine capital of South America, La Ciudad de Mendoza has a plethora of exciting things to offer. They try to have a lot of diversity & encourage inclusivity.

French Immigration to Mendoza, Argentina

French immigration to Argentina started in the mid-9th century (1857) when Europeans started heading west to the new world (the United States and South America) in search of a better life. A better life that’s defined by freedom from oppression and poverty. Immigrants also wanted to escape the two World Wars that were brewing, as Europe was notorious for being ground zero for power play, bloodshed, and violence.

The second half of the 19th century saw immigrants entering Argentina from different parts of France. Over 20% were from the Basque country (region) and Basses-Pyrenees and others were from Bigorre and Rouergue. Still, more others came from the Savoy & Paris surrounding areas.

French Culture in Mendoza

Alliance Française
Alliance Française — French Language school in Mendoza

In total, the French community in Argentina makes up 17% of the whole population. But do not be deceived, despite being small in numbers, the French community has had a significant impact on the cultural life of Mendoza city. French language schools, cultural organizations, and festivals have helped to keep French culture alive and thriving in the city. The Alliance Française, a French language, and cultural institute, offers language classes, cultural activities, and exchange programs between Argentina and France.

What is La Parlote?

La Parlote
La Parlote
Weekly gathering with La Parlote attendees

Celebrating French Culture in Mendoza

When we say that French culture is infused in La Parlote, we do mean it. How? For instance, every year, the French community in Mendoza celebrates French National Day, or Bastille Day, with a variety of events and activities. Said festivities typically include a French-style market, live music, and traditional French food and wine. The annual celebration is a popular event in Mendoza and attracts both locals and tourists who want a taste of French culture and cuisine. With Mendoza being a prime wine country, this fits quite nicely with the local culture. A wholesome mix of French and Argentinian culture, co-existing.

In conclusion, La Parlote is a weekly gathering in Mendoza City in Mendoza Argentina that is open to everyone. It is a lively and warm community that celebrates French culture and opens the avenue to making new friends while speaking French, Spanish, and English. It is a profusion of two cultures (Argentinian & French) that is able to harmonize while still maintaining their individual charm.

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