Hi there, I’m Laila. A creative entrepreneur behind Cavern Saga. Through my travel blog, photography, and videos, I strive to inspire individuals to embrace slow-travel and discover the beauty of the world at their own pace.

Why The Name?

My partner came up with the name Cavern Saga. It’s a name that evokes a sense of adventure and mystery that represents a journey through hidden or unexplored places, where travelers can discover unique experiences and create their own stories. In our case, it’s about embarking on a personal adventure, unraveling the unknown, and sharing it with the world. Do check out our YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button if you want to catch more of our content!

The Story

As an expat child growing up in Malaysia, my passion for content creation ignited when my late papa gifted me my first laptop at just 11 years old. I distinctly remember the feeling of pure magic as I edited my first photo, and from that moment on, I was captivated. Driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, I self-taught everything I could about photography, videography, editing, and digital creation. Looking back, it’s incredible to think that a single gift could spark such a lifelong passion, yet here I am years later, still going strong and continually honing my craft.


I use the Fujifilm XT10 because of its high-quality image output. As for my niche, I find that capturing people, places, and food offers endless opportunities for creativity and storytelling

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